Worldwide, the trendy luxury Nebia showerhead is rapidly winning fans, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is an investor in the company. Named after the Italian word for mist, nebbia, the invention utilizes atomized water dispersion technology. The water device releases a mist and is more effective than regular showerheads. However, users describe the sensation… read more

The home interiors many of us admire add elements of the traditional to a modern design with subtlety and panache. Interestingly, accomplishing the same within a contemporary bathroom is a bit more daunting because the confined space is primarily about function. However, experts in bathroom design have innovated in very surprising and delightful ways to… read more

According to the National Safety Council, more than 200,000 people are injured inside bathrooms every year! Dangers related to slipping, drowning, scalding, and electrical shock make the bathroom the most dangerous area of a home. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) made the recommendations for adults below. Less Slips and Grips Wet tile floors… read more

The year 2016’s hottest bathroom design trends are not just about style! They also involve comfort, conversation, and safety. America’s Baby Boomers are the driving force behind the growing popularity of these bathroom features as they are including them in their plans for the remodeling or renovation of their bathrooms. Heated Floors During winters, bathroom… read more

Most people use their bathroom shower every day, sometimes more than once a day. Taking a shower seems to be more popular than taking a bath. Often taking a bath is saved for a special occasion when you want to relax, or for young children who see bath time as a fun part of their… read more

Hard water has a high mineral content. Minerals like calcium and magnesium naturally accumulate during the water cycle, almost anywhere in the United States. The more calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water, the harder the water becomes. It’s often debated whether hard water is safe to drink and wash with especially when you consider… read more

Toilets were first created in 2,300 BC in Scotland where they made stone huts with drains. In 2,000 BC networks of sewers were built in India and Pakistan, making this the first toilet with flushing water. The rich people in Egypt in 1,200 BC used a container with sand for a toilet and had their… read more

Cleaning your bathroom with natural products instead of chemicals is a healthier way to clean. When you clean your windows and mirrors, try using half vinegar and half water, then wipe them off with old clean rags or tee shirts. The easiest way is to use microfiber cloths. Counters, Tile, Shower, Tub The microfiber cloths… read more

Plumbing has been around since 1700 B.C.  Across the world, some ancient palaces had faucets made of marble, gold and silver. Lead pipe systems and personal bathrooms also existed during the Roman period, from about 1000 B.C.-A.D. 476. Rome’s public baths also featured silver faucets, with other fixtures of marble and gold. In the Fourth… read more

A water softener is a unit used to soften water by removing the minerals that cause water to harden. When water contains a high level of calcium and magnesium it is called hard water. Hard water can be treated with a water softener to reduce its negative impacts.. Water softeners are specific ion exchanges designed… read more

Ancient Feng Shui is the art of creating balance and harmony in the home. Bathroom interiors should be clean, comfortable and relaxing. Light blue colors, functional layout and a pleasant atmosphere are the main elements of Feng Shui bathroom decorating. Before decorating your bathroom Feng Shui style make sure it is sparkling clean and tidy.… read more

When you’re investing in a home remodeling project, planning ahead will help you find ways to save and avoid costly mistakes. It will also help you take advantage of the latest design trends, technologies and products. Plan for the unexpected by adding a 10 to 15 percent cushion into your budget. If nothing goes wrong,… read more

In your home, the appliances and fixtures that use most water will usually be the washing machine, dishwasher, shower and toilet. Water-efficient appliances and fixtures can save you a lot of water and money consistently. Your shower can be one of the biggest users of water in your home. If you’re using an older style… read more

Water is a necessity in our everyday lives. It’s also a valuable resource that we should never waste. Avoiding waste means being aware of how we use water and considering water-efficient appliances and fixtures for our home. Use water wisely in your home whether you’re renting, buying, selling, building, or renovating. It can save you… read more

When planning for remodeling a bathroom to make it wheelchair or walker accessible, be sure to plan with safety, function and design preferences in mind. In order to be wheelchair accessible, first you must have a large space in the room with at least 5 feet in diameter in the open area of the room… read more

Do you have an old looking bathroom that is ready for remodeling? Remodeling can give your bathroom a fresh new and current look that will increase the value of your house. Here are some popular trends: Double sinks in a bathroom are very trendy, for good reason. If you share a bathroom, it’s nice and… read more

Keeping your bathroom clean is easy if you follow these simple tips and if you do these things at least once or twice a week! Have proper ventilation in your bathroom to prevent mold from forming. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, consider using a fan–either a ceiling fan that might already… read more

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. – Zig Ziglar Upgrading your bathroom is easier than you think. You might not need a full reconstruction. Maybe you just need a few upgrades. This could be done in a few weeks or less, for a… read more

Taking a bath is amongst my favorite things! – Oprah Winfrey Lowering your stress can be as close as your bathroom. Yes, you read that correctly! We’ve all been there. We come home from a stressful day and just want to unwind and relax. One very popular way to relax is to take a bath.… read more

The number one problem associated with mold or mildew is a lack of ventilation. Bathrooms naturally generate a lot of moisture that clings to the ceiling and walls unless it is quickly vented following a bath or shower. Warm air and moisture create the perfect storm for mildew and mold. Bathroom Fan If you don’t… read more

If you have a small bathroom, then you know how hard it is to make it appear bigger and function better. Here are a few tips to consider. Remove All Clutter As a homeowner, clutter can be your number one enemy. It creates mess, stress and disorder in the home. If this is something you… read more

There is no question that when it comes to home improvement projects, one of the first rooms people look to remodel is the bathroom. The advantages of bathroom updates have a wide range whether you are staying in your home for the long haul or looking to sell in the near future. If it’s storage,… read more

Some of us are lucky enough to have spacious bathrooms. Here are some ideas for a large bathroom design. Classic Touches Consider an open style bathroom for a more spacious feeling. Sometimes it requires tearing down a few walls and adding a custom spa tub below a glass ceiling and traditional chandelier.  It will be… read more

With so many innovations in technology and science available, bathrooms are no longer just a place for relief and showering. They have become sanctuaries where you can enjoy yourself while taking care of “official business”. There is a growing trend to install television sets in bathrooms. They can be operated with a remote control while… read more

Kid Friendly Bathrooms When designing a bathroom for the kids, remember that your children are not simply short adults. They have unique tastes and need special provisions in their bathrooms in order to easily reach the sink, mirror and towel racks. Make sure the toilet seat is child-friendly and accessible. Install the mirrors at a… read more

It’s smart to determine your remodeling budget before you start the process. Savvy remodelers do their research on the costs and gain an understanding of the various parts of the process. It is always best use a trusted remodeling expert to help you with each step of the way. That’s what we’re here for. For… read more

The master bedroom in your home is where you often spend many happy hours. It should be a place where you feel rested and content, and the master bathroom can play an important part of that design scenario. Work with us, your bathroom remodeling professional, to order and install modern and high value fixtures. Older… read more

When you consider the time you spend there, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Its importance is apparent when you consider the daily activities that take place there. All of this calls for it to be designed in the best possible manner and within a smart and personalized budget.… read more

How to Give your Bathroom a Face lift without Reconstruction One great way to renovate the look and feel of your home is to upgrade the bathroom. After all, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home and like most folks, you probably spend a lot of time in yours. The… read more

It’s the perfect time to modernize your bathrooms. Invest thought and time into improving these very important rooms in homes, hotels, and even public places. Use Modernity To Bring Novelty It’s great to bring some novelty and innovation to your bathroom design by considering all the modern and high end appliances provided by science and… read more

Bathroom Designs For One And All: Applying ADA Standards for Compliance People with disabilities and handicaps have equal rights to access bathrooms, and the United States Government has determined that restrooms in public places must be ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets forth specific regulations and guidelines such as special commode seats… read more

Remodeling your bathroom should be on the “must do” list when you are planning to sell your home. You want to impress the home appraisers, the realtors, and the potential buyers. Although not everyone realizes it, bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in our homes and they make a huge impression on potential… read more

There are 3 things you can’t ignore when building a home. Everyone needs a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. New technology makes it possible for you to design the bathroom of your dreams. This could be one reason behind the growing popularity and demand for customized bathrooms. Many homeowners assume that designing a customized… read more

Bathrooms are among the most visited spaces in a home. If you want to live comfortably, you need to have a perfect bathroom at your residence. There is no doubt that like the rest of your home, you want to make the restroom more attractive than ever before. You will not only want to enhance… read more

Things to Know Home is the place where you find comfort and peace of mind. This might be a reason why everyone wants to make his/her home as attractive and useful as possible. However, all the rooms and spaces at your home are important, but the bathrooms is possibly the most significant one. Do you… read more

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