Annapolis MD ADA Compliant Bathroom Renovation

Why ADA Compliance Is Important for Your Bathroom

There are many ways to create and design a bathroom. You can have your restroom remodeled using a variety of equipment, designs, and colors. Typically people are aware of the things that are needed for a perfect bathroom, such as their bathtub, shower and maybe some fun electronic gadgets. But do you know there is one more thing that can make your restroom outstanding? It is by complying with the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. Your space might need to be ADA compliant. Are you wondering what this is all about? If yes, then you should know the reasons why ADA compliance is important for your bathroom.

Physically Challenged Individuals Can Use It

One of the key reasons why your bathroom should have ADA conformity is that it helps physically challenged people access and use it. Often, people with any sort of physical disability find it difficult to use bathrooms designed before the ADA was enacted. This was the US Government’s motivation to enact the bill that sets forth guidelines for space design. You must ensure that your restroom design complies with ADA guidelines. If there is a handicapped individual at your home or if you have a commercial location, you must consider this issue.

Enhance the Functionality

If you are assuming that ADA compliance bathrooms are only for the benefit of physically challenged people, it is a good time to reconsider. Always remember, with the help of this type of bathroom you can enhance the overall functionality of your little space at home.

Useful for Children

The key goal of the ADA is to help individuals with physical issues. A side benefit is that ADA compliant bathrooms are also very useful for young children. Since ADA compliance, restrooms and toilets offer more space, flexibility and comfort. This makes them more appealing to children. The overall architecture of these types of restrooms makes them more comfortable to use.

It Doesn’t Increase Your Budget

Having gone through these benefits, don’t assume that following ADA guidelines can be an expensive task. Creating ADA compliant bathrooms doesn’t result in an increased budget. We can easily make things function within your limited budget.

ADA Compliance for Different Parts/Devices in Bathrooms

There are different guidelines for different bathroom aspects, devices and tools. For instance, the sink should be installed at 52 inches. The same stipulation applies when it comes to installing a bathtub. All the equipment– whether showers or water supply system in a bathroom– should be easily accessible. There must be proper space available for body movements. At, we pride ourselves on knowing the ADA rules and will gladly guide you through them on your project. Please contact us anytime or go to our online Appointment Calendar.

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